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Our Story

Our Mission


The mission of New Hope is to enable single, first-time mothers to attain:

  • Financial stability via a meaningful career

  • Parenting expertise

  • Emotional stability

  • Physical well-being

  • Spiritual serenity

New Hope is an all-volunteer Pregnancy Resource Center focused on assisting single mothers and their infants. We support these moms who have the courage to make the beautiful choice of life for their babies despite the pressures that may arise from family, friends and society.  


Since 1985, we have helped over a thousand women and their children, guiding them through their personal challenges and enabling them to lead fulfilling lives.

Our services empower single, first-time moms to become self-reliant which allows them and their babies to thrive. Our moms and their mentors often stay connected for many years.    

What We Do

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New Hope has developed a strong connection to the communities we serve. A wide variety of organizations including churches, schools, businesses, civic groups, and youth/scouting organizations help our moms and babies. These young families are so thankful to have their support.

Our Community



We are so grateful to have such amazing volunteers dedicated to this cause. We love what we do and we feel blessed that we can make such a positive difference in our community and especially in the lives of our moms and their babies.

Our People

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